Skin Care Rituals To Maintain That Glow In Winter


There is no doubt that the cold and snowy backdrop seems fascinating for sure, but the winter breeze and dry weather is not good for skin at all. With the start of the winter season soon you start realizing a change in your skin, as the season brings dry skin that lacks luster and glows. However, dull skin never looks good when you wear your new kurta sets and style in ethnic wear.

To avoid pale and dead skin, you must include some changes in your skincare routine. Here are quick steps that you can follow to maintain the glow in the winter season as well.

Have a look at the below tips:

Use heavy moisturizer and include Vitamin A & C:

To include any change in your routine according to the changing weather first make sure that you know about your skin completely. Knowing your skin means, knowing about the skin type and what suits your skin well. In winter use a heavy moisturizer (a little heavier than the one that you use in summer to avoid a stick look). Including vitamin A and C helps in maintaining the skin’s good health, as vitamin C boosts the production of collagen, and vitamin A helps in erasing the fine lines that usually dry weather can cause.

Avoid Hot Baths & Showers:

We know how tempting it is to step in a hot shower in winter, but do you know this is damaging your skin as well as hair. Keep the water lukewarm and keep your bathing duration short. Immediately after having the shower locks your skin either with coconut or almond oil, this also gives your skin a lustrous look.

Night Skin Care Routine:

When you sleep, it is the time when your whole body including all the muscles and skin repair itself. So it is a good time to give your skin ‘a-repairing’ treat. Hence, to achieve this you can invest in some good night creams or essential oils. You can also consult your dermatologist to pick out a night cream that has good and proven results.

Happy winters!