Minimalist- ‘Less Is More’: Check What Weeble Suggest For you


The Minimalist style personality people believe in – ‘Less is more’, and if you are the one who is looking for the same then you are at the right place. W’s Weeble got so much for you in its magic box and we have opened the box for you to reveal the stylish women kurta, summer dresses, jumpsuits, drapes, gilets, palazzo pants, printed skirt and so many other options.

For you, little detailing holds the true value of style. Hence, the W collection has purposeful designs for the personality style you hold.

Let’s explore the Minimalist category by Weeble, and see what it has got for you.

Wardrobe Edit by Weeble for Minimalists…

You value little things first in your life, so as we. In Weeble styling edit you get- ‘Carmine Red’ as your trend color and ‘Tonal Pairing’ as your trend pick.

Weeble has three different wardrobe edits for you, and we will suggest you- how you can mix and match to recreate your wardrobe according to your style preference.

Have a glance over what style categories Weeble has suggested for you…

Polka Pairing

Polka dots can never go off fashion, so Weeble got polka detailing for you. Get your hands on Ecru round neck polka dot kurta. This W straight kurta is in beige and has cotton blend material. You can pair it with W’s culottes or solid tights and with tan almond toed solid flats to get the classy look.

Ecru Round Neck Polka Dot Kurta

For the minimal detailing, W has solid red kurta with stripes and dot detailing on sides. In this red W Kurti, you will have ¾ sleeves with rolled-up cuffs. To enhance your look in this Kurti, you can get classic black solid slim pant, and pair with black pointed toe kitten heels or chambray blue embroidered block heels.


As your personality style tells about your choices and also says that you love crafts and encourage detailing, this wardrobe edit by Weeble has amazing options for you.

Pick this white kurta with yoke embroidery pair it with your dhoti pants, or get one from W. You can pair Kolhapuri flats for the long day look.

Ecru Round Neck Printed Kurta

 The category has ample options for you to add in your summer wardrobe, such as- yellow round neck embroidered kurta, W gathered white kurta, blue round neck kurta with embroidered on the yoke and so on. You can pick W bottoms to pair with such classy woman kurtas.

Cool Contemporaries

To get some amazing pieces in a contemporary style Weeble got so many wonderful options. Make your everyday stylish with W’s trendy picks. You can pick W’s blue round neck flared dress with minimal embroidery and pair it with maroon square toe-woven flats.

Blue Round Neck Flared Dress

Weeble your true stylist is here to guide you to enhance your look. Shop with W and stay stylish.